Rowena Markies
Educational and Parenting Consultant

An integrated approach to learning and assessments

Looking at the development of the whole child from roots to shoots

Rowena Markies
Educational Consultant

I am a dyslexia specialist, neurodevelopmental therapist and teacher. I have worked with many children who have experienced feelings of failure and anxiety as well as those who already have a diagnosis but still can’t get ahead. I want to help you on your journey of learning and make it an exciting and positive one.

How can a child be expected to sit upright, focus and write beautifully if they lack coordination, can't balance or catch a ball?

Assessments, Learning Support & Workshops

We tend to teach to the head and teach to the body as if they are not connected. We learn with our whole body and not just our head. We need to understand these links and realise the connection in everything that we do.

This is why my approach is integrative with respect to the interconnected nature of a child’s whole system.

I am here to help you make learning understandable and enjoyable for both you and your child.


Exploring integrated approaches to children's education.