Rowena Markies
Educational Consultant


How I can
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Teacher, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Dyslexia Specialist, OCR 5 Diploma in dyslexia

Movement Therapist, RMTi Consultant

Trained in: Sensory Integration, Sensory Circuits, Jump Ahead, Brain Gym

​Educational Consultancy

Worried that your child is not progressing?

Does your child struggle with:
• Poor handwriting
• Difficulty reading
• Poor spelling
• Problems with attention and concentration
• Emotional meltdowns
• Organisational difficulties

Are they:
• Clumsy
• Frustrated
• Angry
• Disengaged

Have they been diagnosed with…
• Dyslexia
• Dyspraxia
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder

I am here to help you on the next step of your journey be it related to choosing the right school, therapy, assessment or simply helping you to further understand your child’s difficulties.

Integrated Assessments

Dyslexia is often seen in isolation to other learning difficulties, but there is usually an overlap.

I work with a wide range of assessments which look at some of the underlying causes for presenting difficulties including reading, spelling, writing, attention, behavioural and coordination.

I will carry out an assessment, which is not a diagnosis, explain the results and what strategies and recommendations would be most helpful.

Assessments for Retained Reflexes

Reflexes are an innate series of movements all babies make which lay the foundations for posture, sensory processing, emotions and brain development. Sometimes, through trauma, illness or for other reasons, this process is disrupted and the reflexes are retained leading to a range of difficulties including:

• Autistic spectrum disorder
• Gross and fine motor delays
• Developmental delays
• Coordination & balance
• Attention & concentration
• Learning difficulties
• Emotional & behavioural problems
• Sensory integration

See for more information.

I will carry out a full assessment of these early childhood movements, balance and coordination and then set a program that uses these natural movements to integrate the primitive and postural reflexes enabling your child to reach their full potential.

I oversee the program. It isn’t complicated, it is fun and easy to do taking only a few minutes each day to make positive change.

Talks and Workshops for schools and parents

Some children really struggle to learn in the classroom and teaching to overcome the thing they are struggling with doesn’t always help. It is very important to know why they are finding it hard before setting targets and expectations and therefore to minimise the feeling of failure. My talks and workshops for parents and teachers help take participants from a place of overwhelm, concern or worry to feeling more equipped, understanding and capable.

Movement Programs for schools

I have advised many staff in different schools how best to implement a movement program to help pupils regulate and integrate their senses and behaviour. I give staff the direct experience of setting up and taking part in a sensory circuit so they feel confident in understanding why the program is so important to learning and how to identify the children who would benefit the most.

“A disorganised body is a disorganised brain. We learn through movement as movement is our first language. Therefore we need to look at movement when working with a difficulty. “

Please get in touch to have an informal chat. I am here to help your child reach their potential.

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