Rowena Markies
Educational and Parenting Consultant

About me

Rowena Markies


Teacher, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Neurodevelopmental Therapist, RMTi Consultant 

Dyslexia Specialist, Diploma in dyslexia (OCR 5)

Trained in: Sensory Integration, Sensory Circuits, Jump Ahead, Brain Gym

My Story

I started off as a primary teacher over 30 years ago. I left teaching after my third child was born and was lucky enough to be able to stay at home for the early years. During this period I experienced the failings of the school system for two of my children as well as having one child with dyslexia, which sent me down the route of studying learning difficulties. I am now working as a special needs teacher, trainer and advisor with experience in Mainstream, Independent and Steiner school settings, as well as working in my own busy practice.

I became interested in why some children just didn’t seem to make progress no matter how hard they worked on their phonics, reading and writing. I realised that there was little point in teaching the thing that the child was struggling with if the root of the problem hadn’t been identified or addressed. So I began to explore the underlying issues and how best to resolve them.

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